Big Five Gifts works with artisans who determine their own prices, enabling them to receive fair and decent wages. The artisans work from the convenience and comfort of their homes and choose their own hours and pace. We remain reasonably priced for the quality of our products because we buy directly from the artisans. Our artisans receive fair returns for their effort and you in turn get to buy a quality unique product made in the most environmentally friendly way. They use recycled materials as well upcycling most of the household items such as cans, carrier bags, bottle tops etc to make unique pieces of gifts and homewares. Big Five Gifts assists with designs and the latest trending items which the artisans then customise and produce unique pieces of art. Your purchases give financial independence and dignity to these hard workers who been severely affected by the drop in tourism numbers to Zimbabwe and the general economic conditions which have made a lot of young men and women jobless.